Lehigh Learning Academy programs focus on staff, students, family, and representatives from outside schools and agencies, working closely together as a fully integrated team to identify and provide the proper atmosphere in which a student with special needs can thrive. We regularly work with child study teams and other outside agencies and professionals to determine, develop, and oftentimes tailor-make the best program and milieu necessary to suit the needs of the individual student with special challenges. Feel free to explore our online site and contact us should you have any questions.
"Coming to this school was one of the best, if not the best decision I've ever made...I had a lot of anger and acted out upon it my whole life and got myself into a lot of trouble over the years, which caused people to look down upon me and caused me to look down upon myself. Being here, having the help and support of my teachers and peers alike has changed that image, both to me and those around me."
"I've made a lot of changes, developed different attitudes, and I now have a new outlook on life."
"I learned and matured. I learned to appreciate things , like being accepted in this school."
"This school definitely showed me right from wrong."
"When I came to this school two years ago, I did it as an easy way out. I'm glad I didn't know then just how different this school was going to be from all the rest of them. I never would have made it without this school and the people in it." Clayton
"When I first came to this school I thought it would be terrible but this school has become more for me. It has become a place where I found the window and universe outside the box . I came out richer." Dea Musa

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